Women's Self-Defense is not just about carrying proper self-defense. It's also about being fit, both physically and mentally.

Because it won't matter what you have (bullets, blades, stun gun, pepper spray) if you're exhausted from no sleep, hurt from aching joints and sluggish from that extra 10, 20, 30 pounds or more.

This blog will be about all things related to keeping you safe, not just from thugs, but also safe from health issues resulting from everything around us; the good, the bad and the ugly. And Fat, the bad kind, not the good kind. (Yes, there's all kinds of yummy healthy fats)

So be sure to check out my first article, so you can be aware of those Fabulous Fats that does our body good!. I am on a quest myself to learn about how to give my body every extra edge (without spending lot's of money).

I'm not doing to badly for an old lady (well, I guess 65 is just a number, right?) But as I learn more and more about all the nonsense we are fed by crafty marketing people, I realize that we all need to be aware that the label that says “All Natural' ain't necessarily healthy.

And just because some smart advertising person decided to slap the word 'Healthy' in the name, it could still be slowly killing me.

Tanner Gun Show

Tanner Gun Show, the largest and longest running show in Colorado

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Stun Gun Tips & Tricks

Stun Gun Tips & Tricks

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When Violence Is The Answer

Learning How To Do What It Takes When Your Life Is At Stake

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The Truth About Weight Loss

Before we talk about weight loss, it's important to talk about weight gain

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Why Being A Vegetarian Is .....

Why Being A Vegetarian Is Good, Bad, Healthy, Unhealthy.. which is it?

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How To Beat The Holiday Blues

How To Beat The Holiday Blues

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5 Tips To Help You Eat Less

Here It Is! The Most Basic Key To Weight Loss, Eat Less - Move More. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not so much.

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Workouts And Weightloss

Workouts And Weightloss, here's the skinny!

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7 Tips For A Holiday Weight Loss Plan

The Holiday Season ossCelebrations and Parties means MASS Quantities of FOOD! Here's Some Quick Weight Loss Tips.

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Ranting Rights

Being old has it's privileges, and sounding off now and then is one of them.

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High-Fructose Corn Syrup

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is Not A Health Food

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Pepper Spray Tips & Tricks

You've never sprayed your Pepper Spray? Get outside and do a practice spray!

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Burn Belly Fat

Burn Belly Fat With Vege's

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The Healthy Nutritious Egg

Ever seen someone cooking eggs and they crack the eggs open, separate the egg whites into a bowl and throw out the egg yolks? Yikes!! What the heck are they doing?

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Burn Belly Fat With Vege's

Yes!! Some vege's actually Burn Fat!

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