The RUNT STUN GUN is 4.5 Milliamps and 20 Million Volts depending on the charge. The charger is built right in; so all you do is slide out the button on the bottom and plug into a outlet. The STOP STRAP is an extra feature that is especially popular with young Mothers.

The idea is to wear the strap around your wrist so if somebody tries to take your Runt from you and that plug comes out, the stun is disabled and all they have is a flashlight. If you lose your strap, don't panic. Just contact me and I will send you a replacement, NO CHARGE. Keep the Stop Strap disconnected but with the carrying case if you think there may be a possibility of your little ones getting into it, this way all they'll have is a flashlight.

The manufacturer says that your Stun Gun will hold a charge for 3 months. But the best thing is to just give it a 2-3 hour charge once a month. That way, your flashlight as well as your Stun Gun will stay pretty much at peak performance. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – you DO NOT want to leave your Stun Gun plugged in for more than 8 hours. This will over charge your stun gun which can effect the flashlight and/or the ability of your Stun Gun to hold a charge.

The RUNT STUN GUN has a carrying case and comes in 6 fabulous flavors, uh..... I mean colors:

Black – Blue - Green - Pink - Purple - Red

And best of all, your RUNT STUN GUN comes with a


The Stun That Keeps On Giving!

If you have any questions please contact me either through this website or you can email me at: