The Shorty Stun Gun is a new addition to

the line up here. And I must say, I think it is

my new favorite.

It has a solid metal body and it is not to

awfully big to be cumbersome to carry. It has

a very simple operation;

two buttons, one for the stun and one

for the flashlight.

All of my Stun Guns are Stun Gun

Flashlights and this flashlight is 120 lumen's,

that means really bright.

But what I most like about the Shorty is the

stun feature. First it has 2 very mean looking

prongs that go out around the edge and two

more that go across, so this baby looks


But the best part is the stun sound it

makes and the arc it gives off when you fire it

into the air. I am talking scary sounding and

scary looking. So a potential attacker is

going to know you mean business!

The Shorty may be small but it is one tough

stun gun. And with the metal body, you can

always bash 'em a few times after you have

stunned 'em. You have 15,000,000 volts and

4.7 milliamps so we are talking POWERFUL!

And it is a Rechargeable Stun Gun, like all

my stun guns, so you won't have to be

buying batteries. Just don't lose the cord

that plugs into the wall for charging. But if

you do, just contact me and I will see about

getting my hands on a charging cord for you.

The Shorty has a main On/Off switch on the

bottom. To be honest, I am not sure if I am

lovin' this feature, but when you are storing

your Shorty you could leave it off. I am

testing mine and keeping it 'On' all the time

to see if there is any difference in the battery

charging required. If the battery stays

charged just as long, then my

recommendation will be, leave that switch in

the 'On' position. If you are old like me, and

get forgetful, there is just too much chance

that when you need it you will find that you

forgot to turn it on. But that 's just me.

There is a nifty wrist strap too. This is not a

'Stop Strap' like on the 'Runt' or the 'Trigger'.

This is just for us clumsy types so we don't

drop it on the ground,

(been there & done that).

And remember, carrying a stun gun may be

just one of your self-defense weapons. You

may also have a CCW permit. And if you find

that you need to shoot 'em too, well, they'll

make a much easier target after you've

stunned 'em.

There is a really nice carrying case as well.

And of course, a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

At only $25,

the “Shorty Stun Gun' is an incredible