Yes, some Veggies actually


We all know that eating our veggies

is a good thing and now you can add

1 more reason to the list.


So, here's the sad facts about what's

going into our bodies.

You see, there are certain chemicals

that are in our food supply as well as

our environment (well actually,

there's lot's of chemicals everywhere

we can't avoid) but the one's I'm

going to talk about are the

one's that have an Estrogenic effect

once they get into our bodies

These nasty little external Estrogens

are actually called Xenoestrogens

and your fat cells just love this stuff.

So what happens?

Well, your body will start making fat

cells in order to have a place to store

these 'Estrogens'.

And where does your body like to

store these fat cells?

You guessed it, YOUR BELLY!

And this goes for you guys

as well as you gals.

These awful little Xenoestrogens are


The food supply, water supply,

the environment. Even in

household cleaners and cosmetics.

So even if you are living and eating

as healthy as you can, you are

still going to get some exposure.

Good News though! There is a way

to fight against these evil


so your body does not feel forced to

hang on to that darn belly fat.

Your weapon is the powerful class of

Cruciferous vegetables

like Broccoli, Kale, Brussel Sprouts,

Cauliflower, Cabbage, etc. You have

also heard them referred to as

'Green Leafy Vegetables'.

If you look up 'Cruciferous' in

Wikipedia there is a list of some

39 vege's, so you're bound to

find some that you like.

These types of veggies contain some

really powerful compounds called


One of these phytonutrients is

  called Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C).

Among some of the fabulous things

I3C does, is help fight the effects of

these Xenoestrogens which

in turn will send a signal to your

body to stop storing that darn belly

fat. And that is a very good thing!

Because Belly Fat is the most

dangerous fat. Whether its a Man or

a Woman. Most people think of

their belly fat as just being unsightly

and it makes them self-conscience.

But it's more than just unsightly.

It is a danger to your health. Any

excess body fat is dangerous but

Scientific research has determined

that it is the abdominal fat in

particular that poses the greatest

threat to your health.

That Fat in your abs is actually made

up of 2 kinds. First is the

subcutaneous fat. That is the fat

right beneath your skin and on top

of the ab muscles.

The other type is the visceral fat. This

is much deeper. It is beneath your

muscle and surrounds your organs.

Both of these types of fat are a

serious health risk, increasing

your chance of developing heart

disease, diabetes, high blood

pressure, stroke, sleep apnea and

even cancer. But it is this visceral

fat that is even more dangerous

because it releases inflammatory

molecules into your system on a

consistent basis. And research

has shown that inflammation is

associated with just about every

health condition. So, the Fat that

your body makes can be a


And now for the really GOOD NEWS!

Not all Fats are created equal.

There are actually some Fats that are

healthy. Yep! That's right!

The truth is our bodies need fat

to function, but not just any Fat.

It needs to be the



And they are really fabulous,

so listen up! Here is your list of


Dark Chocolate, at least 75% cacao,

(I always knew Chocolate was a

health food. Chocoholics Rejoice!!!)

Coconut - milk, flour, oil (I even give

this to my dog Birdie. Turns out this

is good for her too!

The Fabulous Avocado (I know, I

really like that word Fabulous!) And

to think when I was a kid, wouldn't

touch 'em.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Butter from Happy Cows (Translation

- Pasture Raised) You do not want to

know how commercially raised cows

are treated!

Nuts: Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios,

Pecans, Brazil Nuts, Macadamias, etc.

(Who doesn't love nuts! Unless your

allergic, sorry!)

Whole Eggs (including the yolk)

High Fat Fish (Wild Salmon, Sardines,

Mackerel etc.)

Free-Range Animals.

Those last 2 won't work if you are

like me and don't eat anything with

eyeballs.  But that still leaves you

with a list of 7 HEALTHY FATS.

So listen to your body!

It's saying