The MACE® PEPPER SPRAY GUN is your chance to feel just like 'Dirty Harry'. This pepper spray uses a technology called Bag-in-a-Can™ which allows for a continuous spray like an aerosol and from any angel, even upside down. There's a trigger activated LED light that will help with your aim and even help to temporarily disorient your attacker. And unlike the keychain pepper spray that must be replaced when empty or expired, these are refillable, the pepper spray that just keeps on giving!

And just to make sure you have a chance to improve your aim, the pepper gun comes with a water spray for practice (practice makes perfect, right?) And look, there's even PINK!

Check out this video. The Mace® Pepper Spray Gun really is so much better than a real gun.

This video produced by Mace® is a great illustration of how the mace gun can be effective in discouraging even multiple attackers. I do chuckle a bit at the dramatizaion though. I mean, what the heck is she doing walking down this dark scary looking alley in the first place. I wouldn't even walk through it in broad daylight. I guess that's just the 'drama' in dramatization.

Mace Pepper Gun-Pink Here is your Mace Spray Gun in our favorite Pink PART# 80404

Mace Pepper Gun-Black The Mace Spray Gun also comes in a mean looking Black PART# 80401

Mace Spray Gun-Blue Perhaps you'd like your gun to match your eyes so here's the Mace Spray Gun in a lovely dark blue PART# 80402

Mace Pepper Gun-Silver And another option, Silver, which may make it easier to find in the bottom of a big dark purse PART# 80403

$89.95 Each

so you're always 'locked and loaded!

Dual Pack Refill OC/H2O Dual Pack Refill OC Refills Dual Pack Refill H2O
Refill Dual Pack
Pepper Spray & Water
Part# 80422

Refill Dual Pack
Two Pepper Sprays

Part# 80421

Refill Dual Pack
Two Waters

Part# 80420