I have decided that being as old

as I am, I now deserve the right

to rant, now and then.

I mean, living to the age of 65

should give an old woman some

privileges. And if I offend anyone,

well, just chalk it up to being old.

So here is the first exercise

of my Ranting Rights!

Target and it's

'Transgender Policy'

So if you read all the financial

"Guru's" the sharp decline in

Target's profits have absolutely

nothing to do with it's bathroom

policy. Nope!  It's all because of

online Retailers like Amazon.


Talk about ignoring the obvious.

As soon as I heard about Target's

new bathroom policy last year,

my first thought was, well this is

going to make it really easy for

sexual predators. All they have to

do is 'claim' to identify with another

gender, hide out in a stall, and wait

for an easy target.

(No pun intended)

No..... wait!

Now that I think about it;

'Target' is a pretty good

description. Because if you are

small and unable to defend

yourself, you'll be a really good

'Target' for a sexual predator.

Yep! Their name, 'Target'

now means that if you shop there

you'll become one.

A 'Target'.

When they made the

announcement in 2016, I wondered

how long it would be before the

first bathroom assault took place.

Not long at all. And not only do

they allow individuals to use either

restroom but they also have access

to the fitting rooms as well.


Talk about a smorgy-bord for the

sexual predator. And no, I am not

accusing the LBGT of committing

these acts. I am talking about

those who use it as a cover. These

people aren't really 'Transgender'.

They just claim to be, to get


I even read an article where a

fellow put up a tiny little camera in

the restroom. So he doesn't even

have to be on the premises.

I'm tellin' ya,

creeps and crooks,

they can be very clever.

Is it any wonder that Mom's don't

want their children to be put at risk

this way. Or even young women,

for that matter.

But no, none of this has any impact

whatsoever on the decline in sales

that the stores have experienced.


It's just all those darn online

retailers stealing the business.

Okay, that's my rant for this month.

I figure I should only do this about

once a month.

Don't want to offend to many people.

Oh who am I kidding.

I really don't give a hoot & a holler

if I offend anyone.

Get over it! (LOL)

And here's a clue about next month's

rant. (Yes, I already have my subject)

When I'm 85,

all the 20 & 30 somethings now,

will be deaf by then.

Can you guess why?