The 'Streetwise' stun gun

has a unique new design.

In addition to the flashlight

and the stun, you also get

an extremely loud alarm.

The body style is very similar to

the 'Trigger' stun gun but you will

notice it is just a tiny bit longer

to accommodate the alarm

that is built inside.

There is also a great new feature

that you will not find

on any other stun gun.

In other stun guns,

the flashlight and the stun work


In other words, you can have the

flashlight or the stun,

but not at the same time.

In the 'Streetwise',

the stun now works

with the flashlight on.

This is fabulous safety feature.

While walking with the flashlight,

your stun will immediately be

available should you need it.

If you are walking with your

flashlight and you feel the need to

use the alarm, just push the switch

up and the alarm will sound.

The 'Streetwise' stun has an

extremely easy actuator tab.

Instead of having to push a button,

all you do is squeeze the red button

on the side. Makes it really easy for

us old gals with weak thumbs.

Your charger is built in,

so all you is slide that button out

that is on the bottom to reveal the

prongs that you will plug into any


The 'Streetwise' has the disable

pin strap. So when holding your

stun gun, that strap goes around

your wrist. If someone should

muscle your stun gun from you

and that pin comes out, then your

stun gun won't work. This means

they can't stun you with your own

stun gun.

If you have curious little ones

running around, then this will be a

great safety feature for you.

When your 'Streetwise' stun gun

is around the house,

just make sure the 'stop strap'

is not with the stun gun.

That way if your little one gets

their hands on it,

all they have is a flashlight.

If you should lose your strap,

just drop me a note and I will

send you a free replacement.

The other great feature

is that it comes with a very

durable leather carrying case

that has a belt clip as

well as a key ring.

Only the Black and Pink

have the new design

but the other colors

will be upgraded soon.

Good News!

They have upgraded the

2 multi-colored.

Now the Black & White

as well as the Pink & White

have the new alarm feature.

As with all of my stun guns

you will have a Lifetime Warranty.

Unless it looks like it was

run over by an 18-Wheeler.

Then you're SOL!