Remember, if you have a CCW permit, you still have the option of shooting 'em, but if you hit 'em with your Stun Gun or your Pepper Spray and they don't get up, you've just saved a bullet, and Ammo is expensive. And so are lawyers!

Womens Self Defense can mean different things to different people. You could sign up for a jujitsu or karate class. But that will take far too long to become skilled enough to really flatten someone who is much stronger than you.

You only need to get away safely and hopefully leave your attacker lying on the ground helpless, long enough for the authorities to come and haul him away. Pepper Spray or a Stun Gun are some of the best womens self defense in my opinion and will do exactly that and possibly save your life.

You'll find here some of the best products that provide self defense for women. A Pepperspray and/or a Stun Gun should be with you at all times. Every woman, everywhere needs to be able to defend herself. It’s become a very scary world out there. We hear in the news nearly every day of a woman somewhere that has been attacked. And those cases are only the one’s we hear about. We never think that it could actually happen to us. But nearly 2 million women each year are assaulted, or worse.

While your checking out all of my goodies, go check out the Free Report - Target Training. This is some great information on leveling the playing field of us normal folk and the sociopaths out there.

You could carry a gun, but guns kill and we really don't want to become killing machines. A friend of mine recently bought a gun. She was very proud of herself having taken training and receiving proper licensing. Her trainer was a retired police officer who went to great lengths explaining why pepper spray or a stun gun was a complete waste of time and money. He told her that only a gun could really save her life.

Well, I strongly disagree with his opinion. While I believe in the 2nd Amendment; "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed", though everyone has the right to bear arms, a gun is just not for everyone. First of all pepper spray will incapacitate your attacker by forcing his/her eyes shut and preventing the ability to breath properly. I don’t care how hyped up he/she may be on whatever drug, (yes, unfortunately a 'she' can be an attacker too!) if they can’t see or breath, well I say that should work pretty well.

But my biggest reason for not wanting to carry a gun is this. I know myself, and the thought of possibly killing someone, no matter how desperate the situation may be, would cause me to probably hesitate for a split second, maybe. And that split second of hesitation on my part could get me killed. Womens Self Defense doesn't mean I have to feel like the Terminator, but I know that using pepper spray I won’t hesitate even a moment and that could very well save my life.

However, all my friends at the Gun Shows say that once I am properly trained I will be fine. So I am planning to get my first gun. I'm working up to it. Got to do it before they decide to outlaw guns altogether.

What's that expression, 'When they outlaw guns, that's when we'll all become outlaws'. Think I saw that on a T-Shirt

So, have a look around. There really are some Pink Pepper Spray’s; some Purple ones too! Just about any color you’d like to carry. Along with some great Stun Guns and other non-lethal means of self-defense.

Just carry something, please!

While your checking out all of my goodies, go check out the Free Report - Target Training. This is some great information on leveling the playing field between us  normal folk and the sociopaths out there.