The best way to practice home security and keep your home safe is not only with home alarms, but to apply the basic principles of home security, to make your home very unappealing to a burglar. So what do burglars find appealing? Well, other peoples stuff for sure.

But the most important thing that burglars look for is, easy in and easy out. They want to get in, get your stuff and get out as quickly as possible. They also look for that big sign that says, ‘Welcome Burglar, Come On In And Take Our Stuff’. Oh I’m not talking about a sign in the literal sense, but it might as well be. Have you ever seen newspapers piled in the driveway or the mailbox overflowing? That’s about as good as an engraved invitation. Here are some other things to keep in mind to keep your home safe.

So cancel the newspaper delivery and the mail while you are gone.

Keep your lawn cut – nothing says nobody home like an overgrown lawn. If you are going to be gone for an extended time, try to get someone to cut the lawn for you, for a feeof course.

If you are going to be gone for several days, make sure that you have a timer of some sort for the interior lights. A home that is dark night after night is a clear indication that no one is home.

Don’t leave windows open while you are away. You may come home to more of a surprise than just stolen items. Critters may have also taken up residency.

Don’t leave valuables where they can be easily seen through windows such as stereo systems and TV’s.

Homeowner’s insurance is not a bad idea either to keep your home safe as well as your valuables.

Don’t leave any notes on exterior doors explaining that you are away from home.

The same for your outgoing message on answering machines. Don’t leave a message like, “Hi, this is Sue and I’m having a wonderful time on a cruise. I’ll be back next week so leave a message”.

Don’t put your home address on your luggage when you are traveling.

An open garage door can be the same kind of an invitation. Keep your garage closed and locked; especially if your garage is attached to your home.

DO NOT leave a spare key on top of the door jam. Did you think that you were the only one who has thought of that hiding place? Same goes for under that potted plant by the door.

Make sure that you have secure locks on all doors, windows, sliding glass doors, basement windows and garages.

When leaving for a trip, as part of your packing list, don’t just list all of the things that you don’t want to forget to pack, but also make part of that list all of the things that you want to remember to do to keep your home secure while you are away. It’s worth spending a few moments checking all the locks on doors and windows, see that you have put away any tools, ladders etc. and that you have set your home alarm. It is also a good idea to ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. You can return the favor for them.

Remember too that burglars will look for ways that make entrance and exit as undetected as possible. This is why they prefer the cover of darkness. They can get in and get out without being seen. Keep shrubs and bushes in front of windows trimmed. Make sure that the exterior of your home has some kind of lighting system. Motion sensor lights work great.