The 'Driveway Patrol' is a fantastic and

very inexpensive motion sensor alarm

to monitor activity in a selected area.

It detects motion, this means cars

as well as people.

So, your Driveway Patrol

acts as a Driveway Alarm

as well as a

Home Alarm system.

You set up your transmitter in the

area that you would like to monitor.

Could be your driveway, your backyard,

an entrance to a garage, just about


How about your front door

or your porch?

You will then set your Receiver in

an area where you will hear the chime.

When the transmitter detects motion it

will send a message to the Receiver

which will then sound a chime.

(Sorry, no loud obnoxious alarm)

The transmitter will detect motion 20'

to 30' feet away and it will transmit

to the receiver which can be up to

400 feet away.

If you have a business of any kind

that gets traffic, this would be great

for alerting you to someone entering

your store or business.

And this is completely wireless.

The Transmitter uses 1 '9-volt' battery

and the Receiver uses 3 'C' batteries

Sorry (again) not included.

But, you will get a

90-day guarantee.

If you have multiple areas that you

would like to monitor, it will require

separate units for each area.

Your 'Driveway Patrol'

comes with instructions.

If you would like to take a look

at those instructions,

just click on this link

Driveway Patrol