The Holiday Season means celebrations

and parties when family and friends get

together and consume MASS quantities

of FOOD!

It's the one time of year when we can justify

throwing any healthy eating habits right out

the window. I mean, come on,


Ah, but then comes January and we're

looking at the scale and we can't zip our

jeans and we're thinking,

"EEEGADS! I need a quick weight loss plan".

Like NOW!

And we're joining the other 99.99% of people

who decide they need to go on a diet.

I mean, isn't losing weight the

#1 New Year's Resolution?

So, Here Are My

7 Tips For A Holiday Weight Loss Plan

#1 Don't skip breakfast and/or lunch.

You may be thinking, "I'll just eat all my

calories at the party tonight".


You will be so starving by the time you

hit that buffet table, you will end up

consuming way more than you should.

#2 Slow Down while you're eating.

Hopefully, if you've eaten a healthy breakfast

and lunch, as in Tip #1, you won't feel the

urge to start shoveling it in. And, eating

slower gives your body time to

register ....................

"Hey, we're full now, so you can stop eating"!

#3 Make sure you're eating lots of veges and

foods rich in Protein and Fiber.

Protein and Fiber are important parts of

any healthy weight loss plan.


No, not cocktails. WATER!!!

It's one of the best things you can do for

your body, staying hydrated, because as

you know, our bodies are about 60% water.

And drinking water will make you feel

full, so you'll end up eating less. Clever, eh?

#5 Get plenty of Sleep. Quality Sleep.

Not passing out from to much eggnog and

hot toddies. If you don't get enough sleep,

you'll be tired (duh) but being tired makes

you hungrier which makes you eat more

and also makes you less likely to do any kind

of physical activity. And here's another tip:

Sleep deprivation can increase hunger

hormone levels (those pesky hormones

again) AND lower metabolism.

Kind of a double whammy.

#6 Turn Off The Tube!

I know how tempting it is to watch

"It's A Wonderful Life" for the ump-teenth

time all while stuffing yourself, we call that

unconscious eating. And let's not forget all

those fabulous commercials tempting you

with every kind of junk food.

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quick weight loss.

And I mean FAST! And HEALTHY!

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So go ahead, EAT, DRINK,

(within reason) and BE MERRY.

'Cause you'll have the very best

weight loss plan - EVER!!!