The Pepper Shot® Tri-Pack of pepper spray is a great value. You get total pepper protection with this collection of 3 very effective and handy pepper sprays at one very low price. Tri-Pack Pepper Shot You'll have a 2 ounce pepper spray that also comes with a wall mount. There's a 1/2 ounce model with an auto visor clip so you'll always have protection in your car and then of course a keychain model so you'll always have protection on your person. The 2 ounce pepper spray is recommended by the manufacturer for the home, but heck, I keep all three in my car. One on my keychain of course, one on my visor and I have one stashed just under my driver side seat. So I know that I am covered every which way.

Purchased separately you would spend over $30 but purchased as a pack you get all 3 for this very low price.


You may also purchase any of these pepper sprays separately.

Pepper Shot® w/Auto Visor Clip Pepper Shot®: 2 oz Stream Pepper Shot® 1/2 oz w/Quick Release Keychain

1/2 oz w/ Auto Visor Clip



2 oz Stream



1/2 oz keychain Quick Release



Pepper Shot 2 oz Fogger The 2 oz Stream style of spray that comes in your Tri-Pack also comes in a Fogger style. The Fogger style doesn't require quite the same accuracy as the Stream (you are sort of covering your attacker in a cloud of burning pain) but you will need to be a bit more careful in a windy situation to avoid having any blowing back at you, though if that happens it will be much much less potent.
Part# PS-5F



And if you are a bigger is better sort of person, then here is the same Pepper Shot® in a 4 oz size. And it comes in both a Stream Spray and the Fogger Spray.

Pepper Shot® 4 oz Stream Pepper Shot®: 4 oz Fogger
4 oz Stream

4 oz Fogger

We even have some very stylish holsters for both the Pepper Shot®2oz and the Pepper Shot®4 oz.

Pepper Shot® 2 oz Holster Pepper Shot®: 4 oz Holsterr
2oz Holster

4oz Holster