The Only Book 
You'll Ever Need To
Learn Real Self-Defense

The World Health Organization states that Violence Against Women is a major public health problem. Global estimates published by W.H.O. indicate that 1 in 3 women have experienced some kind of violence.

Tim Larkin has written a book

that I feel every woman should read.

'When Violence Is The Answer 

Learning How To Do What It Takes

When Your Life Is At Stake.

Tim is a former military intelligence officer and through his company, Target Focus Training he has spent 25 years teaching people how to defend themselves and deal with violence.

Ten's of thousands of people in more than 50 countries have learned the skills taught by Tim.

Men, Women, Law Enforcement Agencies, Elite Combat Units, Celebrities and Business Executives.

Though he teaches people from all walks of life, he has a special interest in helping women to overcome their feeling of helplessness.

Tim will change the way that you think of violence.

He will teach you that violence is just a tool; a tool that can save your life.

He will show you that violence is a tool that works just as well in the hands of the 'Good Guy' or the 'Bad Guy'.

The one who acts first, fastest and with the full force of their body is the one who is going to survive.

The skills you will learn in

'When Violence Is The Answer'

do not require that you be big and strong.

In fact, you can be 80 pounds and with the right knowledge, you will have a much better chance of coming out the winner, if someone suddenly tries to attack you. 

Every single one of us is capable of being that winner, when our lives depend on it.

'When Violence Is The Answer'

normally retails for $28 but you can get it on Amazon for a whole lot less.

Get a copy for yourself

and anyone else that you care about.

This will be a real game changer.