Yes, your stun gun comes with

instructions. I just don't feel like

they go far enough.

So here are my own

Stun Gun Tips & Tricks


Do Not Overcharge

Do Not Overcharge

Oh, and did I mention


In the days of old, they used

batteries that when dead could be

replaced. No More. They are all

 powered by Lithium rechargeable

batteries. Trouble is, if you leave

them plugged in for to long, the

battery essentially is no longer

reliable and won't hold a charge. So,

just throw it away and get another

one. There are some styles that allow

you access to the battery

compartment so you could change it,

but those are very few.

TIP #2

Think of your Stun Gun as a great

way to discourage a potential attacker

(both people attack and animal

attack, more on that to come).

When you are walking across that

dark parking lot, you have no idea if

there is a predator sizing you up,

going through their check list. So, you

will fire it into the air 2 or 3 times,

like a warning shot. The

minute he/she hears that, they know

what it is. It's apparent

that you are alert to your

surroundings and most importantly,

their next thought will be, "Well, if

they have a Stun Gun, they have

self-defense and they might also have

a real gun." When you have a

'Concealed Carry' permit, you can't

pull your gun out unless you feel an

eminent threat to your life, so they

don't know you have that gun, but

now they'll sure start thinking it's a

possibility and since they want 'easy-

peasy' and you're not it, they'll go

find another target.

TIP #3

When you fire your Stun Gun

into the air, only fire it for a second

at a time. No laying on it because

you like the sound. That great

scary sound and that arc that you

see, that's supposed to be going

through a bad guy/gal's body.

Not directly back and forth between

those probes. In fact, when you stun

someone, it's all going through their

body so there is no sound at all.

So remember, in the air,

just for a second at at time.,

TIP #4

If you should ever have to stun

someone, that's a whole different

story. Your goal is for them to end up


Could take 1 second, maybe 4, but

you hold it on them for as long as it

takes. You don't just give 'em a quick

tap like you see in those YouTube

videos. That will most likely get you

killed. The minute your stun gun

makes contact, their muscles will

freeze up so they won't be trying to

grab it from you. But you MUST hold

it on them until they hit the ground.

Why you ask? Because once their

body has given out to that point, it

will take at least 5 minutes (not

seconds) for the brain, the muscles,

the body, to come  back on line and

then they will be getting up very

slowly. And that will give you plenty

of time to get  away. No, don't stick

around and keep stunning them (as

tempting as that may be). You wanna

get the heck outta there!

TIP #5

If you do ever have to stun someone,

my recommendation is that you call

9-1-1 as you are leaving and explain

the situation. You stunned them in

self-defense and they are laying at the

corner of 'walk and don't walk'.

Why you ask?

Well, there is a possibility that the

schmuck that just tried to hurt you may

call 9-1-1 themselves (once they are

able to move again) with a wild story

about how they were attacked by a

crazy person for no reason.

You want to make that call first!

TIP #6

My humble opinion is that the thigh

muscle is the very best target and

that is for several reason.

It's the biggest muscle in the body

and stun guns work on muscle.

Your goal is for them to end up on

the ground and they'll be goin'

down quicker.

Your stun gun will work through

1/4 inch of clothes so no matter

how cold it may be they're never

going to have more than maybe

jeans & long-johns.

If you're walking along with your

flashlight (wink wink)

in your hand and someone does

approach you in a threatening

manner, they'll never see that stun

gun coming at them.

TIP # 7

When you plug in your stun gun to

charge it; make sure you see the

little red light come on. If that red

light does not come on, it is not

charging. It most likely means the

outlet is loose. Just go find another

outlet to charge your stun gun.

TIP #8

And last but not least, your stun gun

is extremely effective at scaring away

the 4-legged animal as well as the

2-legged. Perhaps even better. You

see, your stun gun could prevent an

animal attack because when you

point your stun gun and fire, there is

an electrical charge that goes through

the air that an animal can feel, so it's

not just the sound they are reacting

to. You aren't hurting them in any

way but when they feel that charge

they will lose interest in you real

quick. I carry mine all the time when

I walk Birdie. I need the flashlight

to see her poop to pick up in the dark

and I have used it when I look up and

there is some gi-normous dog

running towards us and there is no

collar and no person.

You do want to take the time

to get your dog used to it though.

Just go around the house for about 3

days (that's how long it took Birdie)

and give it a zap now and again.

Your dog will eventually come to

understand that when in your hands,

this is not a threat. That way they

won't freak if you have to fire your

stun gun while out for a walk.

Oh and it should work for most

animals, even a bear.

But not a GRIZZLY.

For a Grizzly you want

Bear Spray or a gun.

Oh, and one more thing.

Your Stun Gun


If you want a Taser, go to

to order one. They start at


The diffenence between a Taser and

a Stun Gun is, Taser's have a

cartridge that you pop on the end

and it's good for only 1 shot.

It shoots out 2 wire leads

that go 15 feet and there is a

probe on the end of each

lead which penetrate the clothing

and will continue to stun for 8

seconds. If you miss or if only 1

probe hits the target and the other

one misses, it's not making a

complete circuit so it's still a miss.

Now you won't have time to reload

another cartridge, so your only option

at that point is to use your $400

Taser like a $25 Stun Gun.

And if you stop and really think

about it; if a predator is still

10 or 15 feet away from you,

the odds are you will not really 

be aware there is a problem.

It won't be until that schmuck is

right in your space and now your

can't use a Taser like a Taser you

will have to use it like a Stun Gun.

If you're chasing somebody; yeah,

Taser, good idea. Law enforcement,

bounty hunters; they're chasing 

bad guys, not you.

This is why I like Stun Guns better.

They are more affordable and

they have more uses. My feeling is,

if you are going to spend $400

go buy a GUN with BULLETS!

So, there you go.

My 8 Stun Gun Tips.

Please don't hesitate to contact me

with any questions.