I just discovered

'Target Focus Training'

by Tim Larkin.

Tim and his team are on a mission

and that is to give us regular folks

the information and skills to stay

alive and survive if attacked by a

thug or criminal out there and

without having to go through years

of self-defense training.

What I think is most impressive

about the information you'll receive

is the understanding that criminals

have no rules and no formal training.

They have one goal and that is to

injure and/or kill you by whatever

means possible to get what they


'Target Focus Training' is going to

level the playing field by teaching

you to think and react just like the

scum that is trying to hurt you.

No matter if they are bigger than

you or even if they have a

gun or knife.

The most important self defense

weapon that you have is your mind.

I think these FREE tutorials

are going to give you a

whole new understanding

of self-defense.

Click on the link below

To get your FREE digital copy of'

'How to Survive

The Most Critical

5 Seconds Of Your Life'.

This is a 238 page book that

will open up your thinking on

how to survive an attack.

You will also receive 8 videos

covering a wide range of topics:

  • Intro to Target Focus Training
  • Understanding Violence
  • Point Of Injury
  • Fighting With A Knife
  • Firearms
  • Targeting the Eyes
  • TFT Technique #1
  • TFT Technique #2

And if all this wasn't enough,

you will receive 4

FREE Bonus Reports.

So head on over to

'Target Focus Training'