Carrying some type of self-defense spray is the least expensive means of defending yourself from someone who wishes to cause you harm. Of course you may be an expert in some form of hand-to-hand combat and your hands are free but you run the risk of breaking a bone or maybe causing a sprain, which means a trip to the doctor, and now it’s not so free anymore.

Most countries don’t allow you to carry pepper sprays. Which is sad because that means the only people carrying weapons of any kind are the criminals. But if you live here in the good old USA, we still have the right to protect and defend ourselves. Which means the right to carry a gun as well as pepper spray.

Now I do not plan on ever carrying a gun for the following reason. Guns kill. Maybe someone else, maybe me, but either way I think that even if I was trained in the proper use of a gun I might still hesitate only a fraction of a second before pulling the trigger and that could mean the difference between life and death, mine.

But a pepper spray, now that is a whole different thing. You see, a pepper spray causes no permanent injury. There is a lot of pain and discomfort for a good 30 to 40 minutes, after which they will be perfectly fine and you will be long gone. If you have called the police they should be on the scene before then and it will be
pretty easy for them to pick out the perp. Besides laying on the ground coughing and unable to see, he/she will also have a lovely pink face. Yes these sprays also come loaded with a vegetable base dye making it really easy to identify the assailant. And this dye has to wear off so they’ll be marked for a good long while.

They’ll be pretty easy to pick out of a police line up; all you have to do is say, “The one with the pink face”. This is why pepper spray is my favorite means of self-defense because I know that I won’t hesitate even a fraction of a second in using it and perhaps saving my life.

There are over 70 different styles of self-defense sprays here so you are sure to find something you fancy. There are pepper sprays, mace sprays and even some tear gas sprays. I've got big ones, little ones, colorful ones, pretty ones, mean looking ones, some with lights, some with pistol grips (you'll look just like 'Dirty Harry' when you flatten that punk) and even one for bears. Yes, that's right, I said bears.

Take your time, look around and find one that you know you will carry with you at all times. You will never again walk outside to get into your car to leave and realize that when you parked your car it was light and now it's at the other end of this big, dark, scary parking lot. Just whip out your pepper spray (hopefully it's on your keychain) and keep it out and highly visible. I sometimes swing mine around to make sure any predator who may be considering me as a target can see I'm armed and dangerous!

             You will feel so empowered!