Super Door Stop Alarm


This little Door Stop Alarm

has a BIG sound when it is triggered.

Use it in your home or apartment.

And it is so light weight, it is great for travel.

It measures just 6 ¾" x 1 ¾" so toss it in your

luggage and use when staying in hotel rooms.

You can feel safe at home or safe on the road.

There is an on/off switch so you won't have to

worry about it going off in your suitcase.

The Alarm is 120dB so when if it goes off,

the entire neighborhood (or hotel) will be calling


If you are on a budget and getting an expensive

Home Alarm system has to wait, then this little

baby is great on the pocket book.

With the rubberized backing it works great on

tile, wood, carpet and linoleum floors. Just slide

it under the door. If someone tries to open the

door, not only will the 'Door Stop' part of this

Alarm prevent the door from opening, the 'Alarm'

part goes off and at 120dB your intruder will take

off like a rocket.

The alarm will continue until you turn it off.

Just one little 9-volt battery (not included)

does the trick.