A Kubotan is like an itty-bitty Expandable Baton. But there is nothing itty-bitty about the pain it can cause. In fact you could weigh 80 lbs dripping wet and still cause some serious hurt with one of these. And it goes on your keychain, just like the Pepper Sprays, so you always have it with you. In fact, I have both of them on my keychain. So with my stun gun and both of these, when I am walking Birdie (no, I don't walk a bird, that's my doggies name) I am ready for just about anything. Well, maybe not anything, like a Flash Flood, but you get the idea. And these are great if you want your child to go out the door with something. If they are ever asked what it is used for, have them say it is used for breaking glass if they are trapped in a car, which in fact it can do, so they are not telling a lie.

Black Steel Kubotan
Red Steel Kubotan
Steel Blue Kubotan
Steel Silver Kubotan


The Kubotan has been around for years. It originated in Japan with a man named Takayuki Kubota who is the founder and president of the International Karate Association. He was also an instructor for the Tokyo Police Department in the 1950's. He is the inventor and holder to the trademark of the Kubotan. He has devoted his life to learning and teaching the art of self-defense.

I could not find a video of Takayuki but here is a great video of a martial arts expert showing you all the ways a kubotan can be used.

So after that little demonstration, let me say this. Just get 'em where you can get 'em. It is effective in hard bony areas as well as soft tissue areas. And if your Kubotan is on your key chain (and you have lot's of keys) hold the Kubotan and smack 'em in the face with your keys. “Ouch”!!

And here are some pictures that show the various ways to hold your Kubotan.   

The best,
is whatever works best,
for you and your hand

Steel Black Kubotan
Steel Red Kubotan

Steel Blue Kubotan
Steel Blue Kubotan

When it comes to a self-defense tool, the Kubotan is definitely the best bang for your 5 bucks!