Lipstick Pepper Spray is, I think, one of the cleverest ideas. It truly is your secret weapon. I heard a stand up comedian once joke that when a fella leaves the house for a night on the town he checks to make sure he has his keys and his condoms. When a gal leaves the house for a night on the town, she checks to make sure she has her pepper spray and/or her stun gun.

Just make like your primping a bit and then POW! he's down. Made with the same Pepper Shot® formula, this is a 10% pepper spray with 20 half second sprays and a range of 10 feet. And look at all the lovely colors. There's even PINK! Just make sure you don't mistake it for the real thing. Pepper Spray to the lips........ OUCH!!! Not so good.



Now here's your chance to really feel like agent 007 with the Pepper Spray Pen. Those folks at Pepper Shot® are so creative. It's small
enough to really conceal but powerful enough to disable even the biggest bad guy! The Pepper Spray Pen has 6-10 one second bursts that will spray from 6-8 feet.