Home Security

You've decided it's time to invest

in a full service home security system.

Maybe there have been some

break-ins in the neighborhood.

Maybe you are concerned for the

safety of your wife and children

while you're away on that business

trip. You like the idea of DIY but want

the added protection of a fully trained

and dedicated staff behind your

system, then


is the one for you.


is the

#1 rated Home Security System.

And there are several

reasons for that

You don't need a land line.

Nope! It works entirely cellular.

So if some sneaky burglar thinks

he's being so stealth by cutting

your phone lines, boy will he

be in for a big surprise.

Fast response time.

The average response time

for most security company's

is 5 1/2 minutes.


has a response time

of 30 seconds.

Now that's FAST!

No long term contracts.

You own the equipment

but you have a full 1 year warranty.

So if for any reason you are not

happy, you can return the equipment

for a full refund

with no termination fee.

Simple and customized.

Your LiveWatch system is

pre-configured for your home

then sent to you.

Just open the box,

plug it in

and activate it.

You are in control

of your LiveWatch system

from anywhere.

The control panel or

your smart phone.

You get instant notifications on

your Smartphone.

LiveWatch has an Interactive

Messaging system called


Stands for - 'As Soon As Possible

Emergency Response'

and it's exclusive with LiveWatch.

You can instantly verify and resolve

an alarm event via the group chat

you have set up.

When an alarm occurs,

ASAPer provides a chat room

for your call list members to resolve

the issue.

If the monitoring center can not

reach any of your contacts,

then the police will be sent to your


You can easily start with

just the basics and then beef up

your system as you go.

A Smart DoorSensor,

a Flood Sensor.

You can add up to 40 devices.

And they have an A+ rating

with the BBB.

How's that for STELLAR!

Their customer service people can

answer all your questions and

help you customize a system

that's perfect for you.

Just head on over to their website

by clicking here;