The Tanner Gun Show

is the largest Gun Show in

Colorado. In fact, The Tanner Show

is 3 times larger than any other

show in Colorado.

And vendors come from all across

the Western United States, so the

selection of items is the very best.

Remember too, that it's not

all about bullets and blades.

You'll find all kinds of

cool gizmos and gadgets; antiques,

outdoor equipment, jewelry,

artwork, books, western wear and

of course,

Stun Guns and Pepper Sprays.

And Tanner has been having shows

in Colorado since 1964. Which

means they have doing Gun Shows

for over 50 years. Longer than

any other vendor in the state.

So they know what they are doing.

You can just click on any of

The Tanner Gun Show

links and go right to

their website for

more information.

Here is a calendar of

The Tanner Gun Shows for

the rest of 2020.

So if you can't make it

to a Tanner Show on a

particular weekend, check

out the calendar for future

dates. With 17 shows throughout

the year, you are bound to find

one that you can attend.

So come on up (or down) to see us.