June 11th & 12th

I will be at  


In Longmont, Colorado

The PE Gun Show

In Longmont, Colorado

Is Located At

The Boulder County Fairgrounds

9595 Nelson Rd

Longmont, CO 80501

The Show Hours Are


From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM



From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Admission to the show is

$10 for 2 Days

and children 12 and under are

FREE !!!!

(Fabulous Word!)

Admission is good for both days,

so just don't wash your hand.

If you come on Saturday and

then decide to come back on

Sunday because you just have

to have that 'Thing'

(A Pepper Spray or a Stun Gun,

I Hope)

As long as you still have your

hand stamp, you'll get in for 


(That Fabulous Word Again!)

If You Like To Save Money

(And Who Doesn't)

Here Is A Coupon For A

$1 Off Admission.

It's Actually A Link.

So, Click On Him And It

Will Take You To The Coupon

And while you are

at the show,

Pick Up A

PE Tee !

You Will Get FREE

(That Fabulous Word Again)

Admission To The Next Show.

I'm not sure where my table

will be ...............................  

So just look for my

Black And Pink Banner.


Of course, everything that I sell at

the Gun Shows is also available here

on my website. You can always

order here and then if you would

like to save on shipping, we could

rendezvous somewhere, that is, if

you are fairly close to Colorado

Springs. Being a California girl

(please don't hold that against me) I

get a kick out of just driving around

Colorado. But if your order is $50

or more, then I'll pay for your


There are some exceptions though.

There are some Cities and States

here in the U.S. that have rules and

restrictions regarding Stun Guns

and Pepper Sprays, as well as some

Countries. So please check out the

list here on my website;

(click on the links)

Pepper Spray Laws


Stun Gun Laws

before you place your order if it's

going out of State. It's best to check

with the individual state, or country

for that matter, because they are

changing all the time, more often to

the good! But here in Colorado it's

no problem.

Stun Guns and Pepper Sprays.......


If you've never attended a

Gun Show, it's not just about Guns.

Yes, your first time you may be

intimidated by all those bullets and

blades, but there are all kinds of

cool gizmos and gadgets; antiques,

outdoor equipment, jewelry,

artwork, books, western wear and

of course,

Stun Guns and Pepper Sprays.

And just because I haven't gotten

around to getting a gun yet (I will)

does not in any way imply that I

don't support legal gun ownership.

Stun Guns and Pepper Sprays are

just another option, and options are

a good thing. If you have your CCW

permit, you can always shoot them.

And if you have hit them with your

Pepper Spray or Stun Gun first, then

they are going to be a much better

target. But remember................. that

can get expensive (lawyers fees and

all) so if they don't get up after

you've hit them with your Stun Gun

or Pepper Spray, then you can save

some money because not all idiots

are worth the cost of a bullet.

If you would like more

information about the

Just click on the link above

to go to their website.